Plastics Equipment


The newly developed Ultima, a two-stage plastics compounding machine, offers the highest dispersive mixing capability of any compounder yet developed. The new design platform is not simply evolutionary, but revolutionary. To read more about the Ultima, please refer to Farrel's news release.

Farrel compounders are characterized by high on-stream factor and flexible operation across a wide range of applications.

Innovations in processing elements, mechanical features, and control systems enhance productivity, duplicability, and reliability, while modular design promotes ease of regular equipment maintenance and upgrades.

Farrel's high-torque H-Series FTX Twin-Screw Extruders have demonstrated top performance in the field, providing compounders the combination of high-torque delivery with low-speed quality.

Farrel introduces the Advex System, the technologically advanced multi-stage polymer compounding system for the formation of high-quality, uniform pellets. Four fundamental configurations have been engineered to meet a wide range of demanding polyolefin processing.

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FTX Twin-Screw Extruder


Co-rotating double screws, unique elements; compact footprint; modular construction to give compounders a high level of performance with reduced energy input.

CP-Series II Compact Processor


Highly durable and controllable dual-machine processor; integrated mixer and extruder design; processing and mechanical innovations permit high-capacity performance in the toughest processing applications.

Advex Pelletizing System


Farrel's Advex Systems consist of the Side Discharge Mixer (UMSD), the Farrel Melt Pump (FMP), and Farrel Pelletizers; for the processing of polyolefins and formation of uniform, high quality pellets.



The C-Series and H-Series Underwater Pelletizers feature large output capacities; self-regulated knife alignment for even pellet formation; customized pellet plates for application diversity.

Mills and Calenders


Custom made for both plastics and rubber; features include individually controlled rolls and sophisticated deflection and crown control.

Control Systems


Advanced PLC-based control systems enable operators to accurately formulate, store, and recall operating parameters; systems may be configured for the control of an entire processing line.

Tecnolab Laboratory Equipment


Farrel's line of lab-size equipment, providing all the innovative features of their larger counterparts. Experimental processes can be easily scaled up for full production rates.

Computer Assisted Remote Diagnostics System


Farrel's proprietary computer interface system. A modem connection between an on-site machine's control system and remote PC allows authorized access, permitting analysis of machine operation, statistical downloads, and PLC upgrades -- anytime, from anywhere.