Rubber Equipment

Technological advancements, innovative processing and mechanical features, and advanced control systems make the entire complement of Farrel's rubber processing equipment the most productive, accurate, and efficient in the industry.

With the acquisition of the rubber machinery division of Francis Shaw, we now offer the Intermix internal batch mixer featuring intermeshing rotors. The Farrel Shaw Intermix is a perfect complement to our tangential rotor-equipped Banbury internal batch mixer, and addresses the expanding needs of technical goods manufacturers.

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F-Series Banbury Mixer


Large batch capacity; ST Rotors for effective, batch to batch uniformity; temperature, variable speed, ram pressure and indication are controlled; non lubricated Eco-Glands simplify maintenance and eliminate contamination.

Twin-Screw Sheeter


Unique tapered twin-screws; gravity-fed system eliminates the need for mechanical pushers; nip pressure control for accurate sheet formation; large rolls for efficient material cooling.

Mark 5 Series Intermix


The Intermix, featuring intermeshing helical rotors, is ideal for a wide range of applications in mechanical goods production, and is the perfect technological counterpart to the Farrel F-Series Banbury® Mixers.



Farrel offers a wide range of customized cold feed, hot feed, vented, batch, and pin barrel extrusion systems for the production of profiles, hoses, and sheathings.

Mills and Calenders


Custom made for both plastics and rubber; features include individually controlled rolls and sophisticated deflection and crown control.

Control Systems


Advanced PLC-based control systems enable operators to accurately formulate, store, and recall operation parameters: systems may be configured for the control of an entire processing line.

Tecnolab Laboratory Equipment


Farrel's line of lab-size equipment, providing all the innovative features of their larger counterpart. Experimental processes can be easily scaled up for full production rates.

Computer Assisted Remote Diagnostics System


Farrel's proprietary computer interface system. A modem connection between an on-site machine's control system and remote PC allows access, analysis, and control of machine operation -- anytime, from anywhere.